Teacup Candles


Until our honeymoon I never drank tea. Can you believe it?! Marrying a man with Scottish roots I have been offered tea many times, but I never favored the warm drink. That was until I walked into David’s Tea in San Francisco’s marina! I immediately fell in love with their fun flavors (hello, cotton candy!) and walked away with a few samples.

Now our cupboards are stocked with tea and I have been collecting teacups, because hey – a girl’s got to sip her beverage is style, right?!


Now I admit, my teacup obsession may have gone overboard (cue not being able to shut the cupboard door.) So I decided to make a DIY out of my problem – hence teacup candles! These little guys would make a great gift (housewarming, bridal shower, etc) or you can just enjoy the candle in your own home, knowing once it burns out you can wash it and relax with – you guessed it! – a piping hot cup of tea.


How To:

  • Place wick, metal base side down, in the middle of your teacup
  • Heat wax in an old pot until melted
  • (Optional) Add essential oils and/or coloring
  • Gently pour into teacups
  • Once cooled, trim wick to your desired length

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