DIY Gold Dipped Candles

DIY Gold Dipped Candle

For the first time, in what seems likes ages, we had a weekend at home. While our busy December schedule included exciting excursions and family time, it was refreshing to have a moment to relax. We used this time to deep clean the apartment, restock our fridge and indulge in bit of free time.

DIY Gold Dipped Candle

Ian chose to use his free time to dust off exam books and prep for his PE (Professional Engineer Exam), I decided to pull out my craft bin for a quick DIY. I had recently bought two Hazelnut Cream candles at Walmart, and while they smelled amazing, their packing was quite plain.

DIY Gold Dipped Candle

After two coats of matte white paint and a hint of gold across the bottom, these simple candles transformed into a statement set. They add an interesting design element to a room and would be a lovely gift idea!

Gold Dipped Candles


  • Newspaper
  • Two glass candles
  • Matte white paint
  • Gold paint
  • Painting tape
  • Foam brush

How To:

  • Gently remove the candle labels with warm soapy water
  • Pat dry and place on newspaper covered surface
  • Paint the candles with two coats of matte white paint, allowing each coat to dry before reapplying
  • Once dry, tape a line around the candle one inch from the bottom
  • Starting at the tape line, paint downwards with the gold paint
  • When that has fully dries, gently remove the tape

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