Frozen Baileys Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Nestled in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, Mary’s Milk Bar is a quaint café known for their frozen hot chocolate. When Ian and I were visiting his family in Scotland this summer, I popped in the café to see if this drink held up to all the hype – and if this post is any indication – it did!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate is an interesting concept, since it combines opposites. Cold ice cream with piping hot chocolate. Crazy? Maybe, but it is delicious! You just have to make sure to enjoy it soon after the ice cream is added, otherwise you are left with a lukewarm drink.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Today I’m taking an adult spin on frozen hot chocolate and adding a shot of baileys. However, this is just as delicious non-alcoholic. Enjoy!

Frozen Baileys Hot Chocolate


  • Coffee flavored ice cream
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Milk
  • Baileys


  1. Make hot chocolate according to packet instructions
  2. Add one shot of baileys to the hot chocolate and stir
  3. Place one scoop of coffee ice cream into the hot chocolate
  4. Serve immediately



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