Arriving in Edinburgh


At Ian and my wedding reception chatter about a trip to Scotland took place. I had yet to visit Edinburgh and meet the rest of Ian’s family, so to say I was excited about booking plane tickets would be an understatement. Ian and I went back and forth debating if we could afford a trip to the UK, but after a family friend offered up their home to us we were sold.



After a hectic traveling day (our original flight got canceled) we landed in Glasgow. Ian’s dad and brother picked us up from the airport and drove us back to Edinburgh. In order to fight our jet lag, we hit the streets! We were staying near the Meadows so it was an easy walk to the Grassmarket.



In true #foodie fashion, I researched the café/restaurant scene in Edinburgh. I kept stumbling upon articles and instagram photos of Mary’s Milk Bar hot chocolate floats. As fate would have it, their store was located in the Grassmarket so it was easy to convince Ian to stop by as we strolled around the shops on Victoria Street.


By this time Ian and I were fighting to keep our eyes open, but we powered through lunch with his family. Meeting a few members of his family for the first time was enough excitement to keep me going for the rest of the night. In true granny fashion, I was proud I stayed awake until 8pm. Sleep came quickly, but I knew I had to savor it since we had our alarm set for 5:30 am in order to get up and catch our train to London!



Stay tuned to see our photos from our excursion to London!



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