DIY Painted Succulent Pots


Remember those plants Ian bought me at the Mitchell Park Conservatory? Well, I thought it was time to transfer them into proper pots.  With a dip dyed effect in mind I picked up two small terra cotta pots from the craft store.


After painting the pots white I diluted my blue paint by mixing in a bit of the white paint. I painted a thick stripe around the pot then let it dry. Once it was dry to the touch I added a second stripe a bit lower down on the pot with a richer blue shade (I achieved this by adding less white paint to the blue.) The final stripe was the true blue color (no white added.)

While this is not a true dip-dyed pot, the effect is similar. I loved the way they turned out and how they add a bit of color and cheer to our living room.

If you make these yourself make sure to #beautyandblooms so I can see your photos!



7 thoughts on “DIY Painted Succulent Pots

  1. mellissaa says:

    Ah I love these so much! I’m going to find a little succulent like this and dress it up in a dip dyed pot for my new place when I move out! Can’t wait.

    • sjbreunig says:

      I love how plants can cheer up a space! I’m sure a little succulent will perfect in your new place!! Have fun moving:)

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