Milwaukee Weekend: Mitchell Park Conservatory


After a long day exploring the Third Ward and taking a Lakefront Brewer tour, there was no doubt that we were going to sleep in! Once we were up and ready to take on the day it was already 11:00 am so we decided to pass on breakfast and get an early lunch at The National Café.


With our hunger satisfied we made our way to the Mitchell Park Conservatory. Every time we drive to Milwaukee I look at the domes and ask Ian when he is going to take me there. Well, today was that day! We acted like school children and walked from dome to dome reading all of the information plaques. I squealed when we walked into the Rainforest dome and were greeted by a cocoa tree – as any chocolate lover would!



On our way out I made Ian stop by the gift store and sweet-talked him into buying a succulent and mini cactus. Not only do they add a bit of greenery to our home, but they remind me of our mini trip to Milwaukee and all of the memories we made.

We enjoyed spending time in Milwaukee and are already looking forward to our next trip!



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