DIY Foreign Coin Magnets

April 23, 2018 at 2:00 AM

DIY Foreign Coin Magnets

Throughout our travels Ian and I have collected spare change in various currencies. Recently, they were tucked away in box beneath our bed. Every so often we would pull out the box, dust it off, and reminisce about our vacations. As we shifted through the coins we would talk about the beautiful views, delicious food and wonderful memories we made in each country. It seemed sad to store them away, so I brainstormed ways to incorporate them into our daily life. Then it hit me – they would make perfect magnets!

DIY Foreign Coin Magnets

I was shocked it took me so long to come up with this solution! In a matter of minutes I glued magnets to the back of our coin collection and placed them on the fridge. Now, instead of gathering dust beneath our bed they are holding up pictures from our adventures. Every once in awhile I catch myself in the kitchen staring at the fridge and I’m grateful to have a daily reminder of all the places we’ve been and dream about where we want to go next.

DIY Foreign Coin Magnets

DIY Foreign Coin Magnets


  • Coins
  • 3/8″ magnets
  • Super glue


  • Place a small dot of superglue to the back of a magnet
  • Press the magnet onto the backside of a coin
  • Set aside and wait for the glue to dry before placing on the fridge

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