Month in Review: February, 2018

March 5, 2018 at 2:00 AM

Month in Review: February, 2018

February was my month of “yes.” I’m a constant over-thinker and often talk myself out of trying something new. I feel safe inside my comfort zone and like the familiarity of my routines. Maybe it was the winter blues catching up to me, but I started off the month in a funk. Many areas of my life felt stagnant and I was craving some sort of change – so I decided to open myself up to new opportunities and say yes” more often. This may sound scary if you are in the same boat, but this doesn’t have to be daunting! It can be as simple as breaking your weekly meal plan and grabbing dinner with a friend, or skipping the gym for an evening walk in the park. The main goal is to mix up your routine and get inspired again. Here are a few ways I said yes” in February.

Month in Review: February, 2018

Our local mall can be overwhelming during winter weekends. Milwaukeeans are cooped up inside due to cold temps and frequent snow flurries so they flock to the mall. Therefore, I usually steer clear of this teen hangout, but Ian needed to stop by the Apple store and I decided to tag along. While browsing storefronts I came across a new beauty shop with this perfect Valentine’s day photo opt.

Month in Review: February, 2018

After a long work week, it’s enticing to stay home, pile on the blankets, and watch a movie. However, Ian and I still have so much to discover in Milwaukee, so he was able to pull my out of my cozy vibes and talk me into visiting a brewery. It had a beautiful cream brick taproom and bag toss! It was the perfect way to get reenergized for the weekend and get out of the house.

Month in Review: February, 2018

We continued to be tourists in our own town and booked a tour of Pabst Mansion on a quite Saturday afternoon. It was eye-opening to hear about the rich history of breweries in Wisconsin and take in the beautiful architecture around every corner of this home.

While these were small outings, they were enough to turn my winter blues around. I felt more energized towards the end of the month and I’m excited to see what adventures March brings!

Here is a short video showcasing one second from each day in February. Enjoy!


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