DIY Halloween Spider Wall Hang

DIY Halloween Spider Wall Decoration

Last weekend I was tiding up the house when I realized – it was the middle of October and I hadn’t put up our Halloween decorations! I quickly ran to the closet, teetered on top of a chair, and pulled down our holiday box. As I placed jack-o-lantern votives and pumpkins around the apartment it started to feel more festive – but something was missing.

DIY Halloween Spider Wall Decoration

All of our decorations were displayed on tabletops and failed to bring interest to our walls. As I contemplated how to solve this, an idea popped into my head! So I asked Ian to go on a walk with me so I could search for twigs.

DIY Halloween Spider Wall Decoration

Ian, being the sweetest husband, agreed to help me look for twigs. We parted ways and when we met back up he had a whole arm full of sticks! After sorting through our piles, I selected one that I thought would be perfect.

Once we got home I wrapped yarn around the stick, trimmed it into a V-shape, and twisted glittered spiders on the yarn to make a quick and easy Halloween DIY wall hang!


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