Halloween Goblin Cocktail

Halloween Goblin Cocktail

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or planning on a cozy evening at home, this spooky Goblin cocktail is sure to put you in the festive mood! Bonus: This simple recipe won’t leave you stranded in a grocery aisle hopelessly looking for obscure ingredients. We’ve all experienced that one too many times! (Darn you, elderflower syrup.)

Halloween Goblin Cocktail

This is a simple cocktail, but you can spice it up by using spooky Halloween gummy candy as a garnish. I choose gummy eyeballs, but if you can’t find them at your grocery store gummy worms would work as well!

Halloween Goblin Cocktail

Halloween Goblin Cocktail


  • Cranberry Juice
  • Vodka
  • Black sugar sprinkles
  • Gummy eyeballs


  1. Evenly distribute black sugar sprinkles onto a plate. Using a damp paper towel, wet the rim of the glass and place on to the plate to coat the rim in sprinkles.
  2. Pour one shot of vodka into the glass and top with cranberry juice
  3. Garnish with gummy eyeballs and enjoy!

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