Dill French Fries

Dill French Fries

There is a trendy restaurant downtown nestled between boutique shops that serves the best french fries. Tossed in truffle oil, the fries are served with a poached egg. The first time it arrived at our table I was a bit weary, an egg on french fries?! But I was a quick convert.

Dill French Fries

Now when Ian and I want to enjoy an indulgent meal at home, these specialty french fries usually make an appearance. I chose to swap out the truffle oil for dill this summer to add a level of freshness to the flavor combination. The result was drool-worthy.

Dill French Fries

Dill French Fries


  • Shoe string french fries
  • 1 Tbs. dried dill
  • 1 Egg, poached


  • Bake the french fries according to package instructions
  • Transfer the french fries into a bowl and toss with dill
  • Plate and top with poached egg

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