Mini Floral Cake

Mini Floral Cake

Tomorrow Ian and I celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?! Two years! It feels like yesterday I was walking down the aisle towards my best friend, but the calendar doesn’t lie – 730 days have since gone by.

Mini Floral Cake

Mini Floral Cake

These past two years have been filled with many adventures (here too!), laughter, and trials. Through it all, I’ve felt blessed to have Ian by my side and I’m looking forward to what year three has in store for us!

Mini Floral Cake

Mini Floral Cake

To celebrate, I baked this mini floral cake! It’s easy to bake (shh, don’t tell anyone I used a box mix!), but the fresh floral decorations add an air of elegance. This cake would make a sweet addition to a birthday party treat table or in our case – an anniversary dinner!

To make this at home, just keep it simple! Divide a box cake mix into two greased mini cake tins. Bake according to the instructions and let cool. Layer vanilla frosting between tiers and decorate with fresh blooms.


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