Notting Hill


After waking up at the crack of dawn, Ian and I boarded our train into London. The journey into London was breathtaking. The train tracks skirted along the coastline which allowed me to soak up views of crashing waves and cottage lined roads. It was a good thing I enjoyed starring out the window since we were at a standstill for an hour after the train in front of us hit livestock on the tracks. Oh the joys of traveling!


Once we arrived in London we were greeted by the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross. I drug Ian to Platform 9 3/4 (any Harry Potter fans?!) to get a glimpse of the famous photo op, but I was too anxious to explore the city to stand in line to snap a picture. After we checked into our hotel we were back on the tube and headed to Notting Hill.


I quickly fell in love with the brightly colored neighborhood. Ian and I browsed the street vendors and popped into boutique shops until our feet said “no more!” and we had to seek out a coffee shop to rest. After relaxing with a cup of coffee in hand we were rejuvenated and ready to wander through the Kensington Palace Gardens.



While it was a gloomy day in London the gardens were flocked with families having picnics, playing with remote controlled boats in the pond, and meandering through the garden paths. It felt alive with activity and was the perfect location to rest our feet (for the second time!) and people watch.


Check back in tomorrow to see our photos from touring the sights in London!



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