Friday Favorites


It’s crazy how the smallest things in life can give you immense joy.

This week was rough. Work was draining, stressful and at times – unfulfilling. I would come home in a bad mood and the last thing on my mind was to create content for my little space here on the web. 

Then Ian surprised me with two dozen roses. My heart melted a little bit.

Sometimes I feel guilty spending money on flowers since they are not a necessity, but boy oh boy, do flowers bring me joy.  I couldn’t keep a smile off my face the rest of the week!

So I was curious – what little things give you joy? I’d love to hear, so share them below!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here with a new post on Monday!

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Beauty-and-Blooms{Love the packaging of these pretzels}

Beauty-and-Blooms{Still loving all of the heart shaped goodies from Valentine’s Day}

Beauty-and-Blooms{Our family dog back home is getting so furry!}


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