DIY Yarn Tabletop Trees

DIY Christmas Trees

The holidays can be an expensive time of year. Between purchasing gifts, hosting parties, and decorating your home, your wallet can take a hit. One way to keep expenses down is DIY holiday decor. For example, while out shopping I saw a set of these tabletop Christmas trees listed for $30 and knew I could make them at home for far less.

DIY Christmas Trees

I quickly ran to Walmart to pick up my supplies which rang up to $10. Quite a steal if you ask me! Especially since I plan on using the leftover yarn in lieu of ribbon this year to tie gift tags on our Christmas presents. Another pleasant surprise was discovering these trees only take a few minutes to make. Needless to say, you have to try this DIY out for yourself! I think the mini trees are cute on their own, but you could play around with varying tree heights to make a statement piece for your home as well.

DIY Christmas Trees

DIY Yarn Tabletop Trees



  • Add a thin layer of glue around the Styrofoam cone
  • Wrap the cone tightly in yarn, adding a few overlapping layers for texture
  • Stick two of the large glitter stars together and glue to the top of the tree
  • Decorate the tree with varying sizes of the glitter star stickers
  • Enjoy!