Month in Review: April, 2017

Month in Review: April, 2017

How is it May already? April seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye! I’m not complaining, though. Time slipped by us as we celebrated birthdays, took sunset walks down by the river and attended events around town.

Our month began in the best way possible – with birthday cake and a cappella! To celebrate my 26th birthday, Ian took me to see our Alma mater’s a cappella group, The Mad Hatters, preferom. After singing “Varsity” we drove to Lambeau Field to enjoy dinner at 1919 and were greeted with swarms of Prom goers. I instantly felt underdressed as my outfit lacked tulle and sequins, but Ian assured me I looked beautiful none-the-less.

Month in Review: April, 2017

Month in Review: April, 2017

The following day, Ian and I woke up early to make the drive down to Milwaukee for the My Flippin’ Friends pilot party. After sipping mimosas and cheering on the cast, we wandered around the Third Ward and grabbed lunch with a friend.

Month in Review: April, 2017

Month in Review: April, 2017

After an eventful weekend, we were ready to relax! We took sunset walks down by the water to watch the pelicans in-between Ian’s study sessions (he was preparing for a professional licensing exam.)

Month in Review: April, 2017

Before we knew it, Easter was upon us! We decided not to travel this year, so Ian could squeeze in as much study time as he could on Saturday. After a long day with his head in books, he was ready to have a quiet Sunday. To celebrate, we hiked out to a local waterfall and enjoyed brunch at The Creamery.

Month in Review: April, 2017

To close out the month, we drove to Madison and Ian took his Professional Engineering exam. It was an 8-hour exam, so while he was locked in a room solving complicated problems my mom and I were at the Henry Vilas zoo. I think we got the better end of the stick! The remainder of the weekend was spent celebrating my grandma’s birthday and sitting around the fire roasting our first s’mores of the season.

Month in Review: April, 2017

Here is a short video, showing 1 second every day from the month of April! Enjoy!

What were the highlights of your month? Leave them in the comments!


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