Irish Creamery Cocktail

Irish Creamery Coffee

Our favorite breakfast place in town added an array of brunch cocktails to their menu. While I’m not usually in the mood for a cocktail at 10 a.m., as I glanced down the list one caught my eye – Irish Creamery.

Irish Creamery Coffee

A blend of Baileys, hot chocolate, and coffee, this drink was begging me to order it. So I caved. When it arrived I took a cautious sip, then immediately fell in love! It was warm and rich in flavor – perfect to enjoy on a cold winter morning.

Irish Creamery Coffee

While I’m not going to make it a habit of ordering a cocktail with breakfast, I have added the Irish Creamery to my after dinner drink list! Though I admit, this would be a fun cocktail to make when hosting a brunch party!

Irish Creamery Cocktail


  • 1 c. coffee
  • ½ c. hot chocolate
  • 1 shot Baileys


  • Stir the coffee, hot chocolate and Baileys together
  • Pour into a coffee mug
  • Enjoy!



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