Beet Chips

March 9, 2016 at 2:00 AM 8 comments

Beet Chips

Honestly, I had never eaten a beet besides a little taste-test nibble of my mom’s homemade pickled beets. After reading numerous articles raving about the health benefits of beets, I decided it was time I give the root vegetable another chance. I started off slow by adding them to our green juice (now referred to as “pink juice”) then I felt ready to go one step further and make beet chips!

Beet Chips

I burnt my first batch, but thankfully the smoke alarm didn’t go off! I felt a bit silly that I had messed up, but I didn’t let it defeat me and I tried again. With a close eye on the oven, I finally achieved a crispy (not burnt!) batch of beet chips.

Beet Chips

Paired with a creamy yogurt ranch dip these chips will disappear in no time! They are a delicious side dish to add to your dinner rotation and a great way to increase your consumption of beets! Enjoy!

Beet Chips


  • 2-3 Beets
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • Pinch of sea salt


  • Wash the beets and cut their stems off
  • Slice the beets into thin strips using a knife or mandolin
  • Toss beets slices with olive oil
  • Spread out evenly on a baking sheet
  • Sprinkle with salt
  • Bake at 350˚ for 15-20 minutes (keep an eye on them)
  • Let cool on a wire rack then serve

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  • 1. Thehungryballer  |  March 9, 2016 at 2:07 AM

    I love beet ! And this recipe looks absolutely delicious !

    • 2. sjbreunig  |  March 9, 2016 at 10:11 AM

      I’m slowly experimenting with beet recipes, but this one has been one of my favorites! I mean, who wouldn’t love a chip?! They are addicting!

      • 3. Thehungryballer  |  March 9, 2016 at 1:44 PM

        Yeah Right ! Eagerly awaiting another ‘beetyful’ delight from you 😉

  • 4. kenziek1980  |  March 9, 2016 at 2:07 PM

    I love beets, but I like them nice and warm and steamed! I’v never had beet chips before but they sound yummy! 🙂
    x Kenzie

    • 5. sjbreunig  |  March 9, 2016 at 3:05 PM

      I’ve never tried them steamed before! Do you add any seasoning or do you just eat them plain? I might have to try this out soon!

      • 6. kenziek1980  |  March 14, 2016 at 8:18 PM

        Usually just pepper and salt! I really enjoy the taste but I guess you can just play around with it as well! 🙂

  • 7. Trang Do  |  March 9, 2016 at 10:24 PM

    Looks so yummy! Love these beet chips!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    • 8. sjbreunig  |  March 10, 2016 at 10:54 AM

      Thanks, Trang! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


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