Cuban Sandwich


On our flight home from our honeymoon Ian and I watched The Chef. It was a light-hearted movie that helped pass the time and left us craving a cuban sandwich.


Fast-forward to a few months later when we were out on a date and the menu listed a cuban sandwich. Ian and I had never tried one before, but after that in-flight movie we knew we had to add it to our order! Since that night Ian and I have fallen in love with cubans! The sweet barbeque sauce is offset with a slice of salty ham garnished with a tangy pickle.


Here is how you can make on of these delicious sandwiches at home:

  1. Butter two slices of thick cut bread
  2. On the opposite side of the bread spread yellow mustard
  3. Pile bbq pork onto one of the slices of bread, mustard side up (make it easy and buy this premade)
  4. Layer provolone cheese, a thick slice of cooked ham and two dill pickles on top
  5. Close the sandwich with the mustard side down
  6. Brown on a griddle or sandwich press

2 thoughts on “Cuban Sandwich

    • sjbreunig says:

      Right?! I don’t know how you can watch the movie & not crave a cuban sandwich! Luckily, they are pretty easy to make at home:)

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