Month in Review: June 2019

The long holiday weekend interrupted my workflow, but the break was appreciated. As we look back on June, it’s clear a pause from our busy schedules was needed. From the beginning of June to the Fourth of July, our calendar was filled. We caught up with family, celebrated birthdays, attended a wedding, and squeezed in a few summer events. It was a bit hectic, but each event on our calendar were moments we couldn’t pass up.

June began with a big celebration – Ian’s birthday! He had one wish, to ride the city bus to the zoo. I felt like I was planning an 8 year-old’s birthday party, but I was equally excited to spend an afternoon acting like a kid. We ate dole whip, read all of the exhibit plaques, and road the tram. As birthdays go, this was one for the books!

Next on the calendar was pizza night at Mapleton Farm! I had heard about these events popping up around Wisconsin and was excited to find one close to Milwaukee. I felt right at home laying a blanket out by the farm, listening to music, and eating pizza.

Ian and I were also blessed with two weekends to catch up with his family! His parents alternated weekends and we enjoyed cider samplings in Mt. Horeb and cycling races in Grafton. It was nice to spend quality time with each of them, especially since we don’t get to see them as often as we would like.

In between celebrating our friends’ wedding and attending a bridal shower, Ian and I went on a mini trip to Rockford. Ian started a new role at a company stationed in Loves Park, so we enjoyed spending a bit more time in the area and checking out the local spots. While Ian was at work I slipped away to wander through the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens. In the evening, Ian and I packed a picnic to enjoy while listening to music at the Anderson Japanese Gardens. This was a quick trip, but it gave us a little taste of the community and we are excited to plan another staycation.

While these are just a few highlights, they offer a glimpse into our crazy month. We loved each and every event, but by the time July rolled around I was ready for some down time. Luckily, we have a bit of time before things pick back up again, but being busy is unavoidable in the summertime.