Japanese Milk Bread French Toast

Once I get wind of a new food trend I love hunting it down to give it a try. Bubble waffles? Check. Gold glitter lattes? Check. There is something exhilarating about trying new foods. Therefore, when I read you could only get your hands on the famously fluffy milk bread in New York or it’s homeland, Japan, I knew I only had one option – to make it at home.

Seeing as Ian is the bread maker in the house, I requested his help in the kitchen. We followed the recipe provided by The Little Epicurean and got to work. Surprisingly, the multiple step process went smoothly and before we knew it, we were pulling out our milk bread loaves from the oven.

Rumor has it, milk bread is traditionally served with sweet and condensed milk. Apparently, the Japanese use this as a spread rather than a baking ingredient. I’m always fascinated by these cultural differences! To add our own spin on this milk bread, we decided to turn it into french toast. With a drizzle of sweet and condensed milk and a few fresh raspberries, this dish was well worth the hours spent in the kitchen.