Month in Review: September, 2017

October 2, 2017 at 5:27 PM

Month in Review: September, 2017

This past month has been one of excitement and pure terror. Picking up your life and moving to a new city is always a risk, but one which Ian and I had prayed about over the years. Things began to click into place in August, and before I knew it, we were renting a moving truck and packing up our belongings. September started with a bang as we settled into our apartment and ventured out into our new surroundings.

Moving to a bigger city, one of my fears was missing out the harvest season. To my surprise, I discovered a quaint apple orchard only half an hour away. Driving on the windy country roads surrounded by fall foliage on our way to the orchard made my heart overflow with relief and joy. I instantly fell in love with the orchard and felt a few of my worries melt away.

Month in Review: September, 2017

Month in Review: September, 2017

Quickly after settling into our new apartment, I embarked on a road trip to the twin cities to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette party! It was a weekend full of laughter, reminiscing and getting a thigh workout on a peddle pub. The highlight of the trip was belting out Backstreet Boy songs while peddling down the busy streets of Minneapolis.

Month in Review: September, 2017

Once I was back in town I stumbled across an event called Doors Open. It was a two-day event where over 100 buildings in Milwaukee opened their doors and let members of the public stop in and look around. Some even offered free tours! Ian and I jumped at the chance to be nosey and get a peek inside unique buildings downtown. The list was too long to see everything, but we managed to take a tour of Radio 88.9, soak in skyline views from Catholic Finacial Life’s rooftop pool, touch Joan of Arc’s stone on Marquette’s campus and walk the corridors of City Hall.

Month in Review: September, 2017

Month in Review: September, 2017

Our month ended cheering on the Badgers with my brother and sister. It felt surreal to enjoy an afternoon on campus knowing we would be driving home later that night. Day trips were rare when we lived in De Pere, therefore being able to casually hang out with my siblings was a real treat. To make the day even better – the Badgers won!

Month in Review: Septermber, 2017

Click the video below to see one second of every day in our month!


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