Month in Review: August, 2017

September 7, 2017 at 2:00 AM

Month in Review: August, 2017

August, where did you go?! Between taking a road trip to view the total solar eclipse, saying farewell to our favorite local spots, and moving to Milwaukee, it feels like August slipped away from us. However, looking over the video clips and photos we captured I’m reminded of how much we accomplished last month.

Month in Review: August, 2017

Early in the month we knew we had to savor our time in De Pere. Ian accepted a job that required us to relocate to the Milwaukee area.  Therefore, we quickly jotted down a “farewell bucket list” and we checked items off in-between goodbye parties and boxing up our apartment. One item high up on the list was to put our own love lock on the Sunset Point bridge. Now a small piece of us will always be in De Pere.

Month in Review: August, 2017

While visiting a sunflower field wasn’t on the farewell bucket list, it was one of my summer goals. It was nice to take a break from packing and drive down to Madison to celebrate the August birthdays and dance around the Pope Farm Concervency sunflower field.

Month in Review: August, 2017

From my parents’ house, Ian and I embarked on a 6.5 hour road trip to Hermann, MO. Why, you may ask? To see to total solar eclipse of course! It took a bit of convincing from Ian to get me on board, but it was a breathtaking experience and I’m glad he didn’t stop pestering me to take the trip with him.

Month in Review: August, 2017

Once home from our road trip, there was no denying our time in De Pere was limited. We only had a handful of days left to finish packing and get organized for the move. A few hiccups came along the way, but we are finally settled into our new apartment and I’m looking forward to sharing September’s Month in Review as we start to discover our new neighborhood.


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