Month in Review: August, 2016

Month in Review: August, 2016

Oh, August. You were good to me. With two family birthdays and our wedding anniversary we had a month packed with celebrations, but surprisingly there wasn’t any cake. That just goes to show you where cake lyes on our list of preferred desserts! Instead we satisfied our sweet craving by roasting s’mores and I was able to check another item off my summer bucket list.

Month in Review: August, 2016

I had the pleasure of working on a few new and exciting design projects this month! I love collaborating with other creatives and can’t wait to share the finished designs in the upcoming weeks. (Stay tuned!) While it’s easy to get lost in a project, I made it a point to leave my desk and take an afternoon walk every day. With scenery like this, these walks quickly became a highlight of my day.

Month in Review: August, 2016

Month in Review: August, 2016

At the beginning of the month, Ian and I packed our bags and drove to Milwaukee for a friend’s wedding. The weekend was filled with twinkle lights, signature cocktails, and lots of laughter. Oh, and did I mention dancing?! The guests invited to this wedding knew how to bust a move which lead to multiple dance-offs throughout the night.

Month in Review: August, 2016

After brunch the next morning, Ian and I took advantage of being in Milwaukee and wandered around the Third Ward. We ended up on the rivers edge watching boats pass by and soaking in the sun. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, and it was nice to take a moment to reflect over the love-filled weekend before we got back in the car to embark on our journey home.

Month in Review: August, 2016

After a few days to recuperate from our wedding weekend adventures, Ian and I donned our green and gold for a preseason Packer game! I’m not a huge sports fan, but I can get behind anything that serves hot chocolate. So while it drizzled during the second half of the game, I was snuggled inside my rain coat sipping my drink. Overall, I would say the outing was a success!

Month in Review: August, 2016

Toward the end of the month Ian and I made the trip to Madison to celebrate the August birthdays in my family! We had an eventful weekend packed with golfing, going out for dinner, and an impromptu Olympic games competition. Lots of laughs were shared and it was hard to pack up and head home on Sunday.

Month in Review: August, 2016

Ian and I ended the month by spending a rainy afternoon at the local art fair. Nestled under our umbrellas, we strolled between vendors daydreaming about how we will decorate our future home. We picked up a few business cards before settling down and listening to the performers on the main stage. Once our shoes squished with every step, we decided it was time to call it a day and head home to dry off.

I hope you all had a wonderful August and enjoyed this glimpse inside our month.


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