Lemon Sugar Pancakes

Lemon Sugar Pancakes

Move aside maple syrup! Lemon sugar pancakes are making their debut! Maybe I have been living in a hole up until this point, but I never heard of lemon sugar pancakes until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a perfectly style brunch snap – including these delicious pancakes.

Lemon Sugar Pancakes

I quickly double tapped the photo, knowing I wanted to try these pancakes asap! That weekend I mixed up a batch of batter and heated up the griddle. Uncharacteristically, I kept the maple syrup in the pantry and sliced up a fresh lemon instead.

Lemon Sugar Pancakes

With the pancakes warm off the griddle, I squeezed a bit of lemon juice over them before topping them off with a sprinkle of sugar. I was curious if they would be bitter and tart, but the pairing of lemon and sugar created the perfect sweet and sour combination. If you’ve never tried this combination before, it’s a must!


2 thoughts on “Lemon Sugar Pancakes

  1. sjbreunig says:

    Thanks, Amanda! This was my first time trying lemon sugar pancakes and I’m hooked! I wish I would have discovered them sooner.

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