Scones with Violet Jelly

Scones with Violet Jam

On one of my trips home I discovered my mom was experimenting with new jelly flavors. Her newest batch included violet and dandelion. I loved the idea of floral jelly, but I was hesitant about trying my first sample. Would the floral elements be overpowering?

Scones with Violet Jam

To my surprise, the infused floral flavor was light and sweet. It was a lovely twist on more traditional flavors and I couldn’t help hosting a mini tea party to showcase the specialty jelly. Layered upon warm scones spread with whipped cream, the violet jelly added a playful element to the flavor combination.

Scones with Violet Jam

While violet or dandelion jelly may not be readily available in your supermarket, it is a fun treat to look for while browsing your local farmers market. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you could try making a batch yourself!


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