Summer Berry Tart

Summer Berry Tart

There are hot summer days where I’m preparing for a party or fancy an evening dessert, but the idea of turning on the oven is off putting. In these instances, I’m all for a no-bake dessert! Luckily, this summer berry tart falls into that category.

Summer Berry Tart

With a pre-bought graham cracker crust and instant chocolate pudding, this mini dessert can be made in a matter of minutes. Add a sprinkle of powdered sugar and this berry tart is ready to awe your friends at your next dinner party. Side note: The color combination of the berries makes this easy dessert perfect for a Fourth of July celebration!

Summer Berry Tart

Summer Berry Tart


  • 6 mini graham cracker pie crusts
  • 3.9 oz box of chocolate or vanilla pudding
  • 2 C. Milk
  • Berries
  • Powdered sugar


  • Whisk the pudding mix with the milk until smooth
  • Pour into the mini pie crusts and place in the fridge to set
  • Once the pudding has chilled, top with berries
  • Before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar

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