Chai Tea Latte

Almond Milk Chai Tea Latte

On days when Ian and I are itching to get out of the house, but have nowhere to go, we usually end up in a quaint coffee shop sipping on a latte plotting about our next adventure. Recently, my drink of choice has been a chai tea latte. Yes, I know. I’m super late to the party on this one! I’ve heard people raving about chai tea lattes over the years, and now I finally understand the hype.

Almond Milk Chai Tea Latte

My love for these lattes have become so strong I’ve discovered how to make them at home! My first attempt involved multiple bags of chai tea and hot almond milk…sadly it was a fail! Since then I have discovered the Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate and it has made all the difference!

Almond Milk Chai Tea Latte

Seriously, the process is so simple I feel silly writing about it! All you need to do is mix equal parts concentrate with almond milk and heat on the stove or microwave. To add that foamy texture you get at a coffee shop, I whip my warm drink in a blender (I don’t own a fancy frother!) for a few seconds before I pour it into my cup. It’s a delicious way to start your day!

Almond Milk Chai Tea Latte


4 thoughts on “Chai Tea Latte

    • sjbreunig says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I’ve been collecting tea cups from local thrift stores over the years. I love all the fun patterns you can find:) They definitely help brighten up a gloomy morning.

  1. kenziek1980 says:

    I absolutely LOVe chai tea lattes, I usually make them with my Keurig but if I go out, I can usually get them with soy or almond milk. They’re just so nice and warm and I’m not really a coffee person so I think they’re perfect 🙂
    x Kenzie

    • sjbreunig says:

      I’m glad to meet another chai tea lover:) I’ve never tried making one with our Keruig. I might have to try that out! Have a great weekend!

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