Exploring the Scottish Highlands


By far, the Scottish Highlands were my favorite part of our trip! Our 12 hour road trip took us pass Glencoe and up to Loch Ness before heading back to Edinburgh. It was interesting to learn about the Scottish clans that inhabited this land and dive into Scotland’s deep history.



While on the road we passed hillsides spotted with sheep and highland cows. We were able to pull over and snap a few photos with our harry little friend below. Ian was bummed out that we didn’t bring any carrots to feed them. Maybe next time we will remember!




A few hours after Gelencoe we arrived in Fort Augustus, a small town perched on Loch Ness. As soon as we arrived the rain clouds came barreling in and left a dense fog on the loch. I wished we could have seen a better view of the loch, but Ian assured me the fog added an artistic element to our photos. You can’t help but love this guy!




And just like that, our UK adventure came to an end. Ian and I loved our time exploring and catching up with his family. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long until we return.


3 thoughts on “Exploring the Scottish Highlands

    • sjbreunig says:

      I can totally relate! We just got back from Scotland and I’m already counting down they days until our next trip:)

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