Friday Favorites


What a rollercoaster week! Ian and I acted like giddy school kids who were off for the summer and tooled around town on our bikes. The weather was perfect at the beginning of the week and we just wanted to soak it all in. We went up to Door County to play tourist and go hiking at Peninsula State park then drove into town for a wine tasting. I remember thinking how blessed we were to enjoy such a beautiful memory together – then I heard of a shooting on the radio.

I’m lucky to live in small, safe town where most people only complain about the five-minute back up at the round-a-bouts during “rush” hour. But this week things were different. A shooter took the lives of three innocent people while they were out enjoying the nice weather, just like Ian and I had been. It was a scary reminder that life is precious and even in the safest place – darkness can live.

While I wanted to hide away, constantly thinking about the victims, I was inspired by the people out on the bike path the next day enjoying the life they are lucky enough to live. They did not let the fear of the unknown rule their life. I hope I can gain their courage to follow in their example.

With this weekend being Mothers Day, make sure to give your loved ones a big hug and I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend.




2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Kaily says:

    Shootings are a huge wake-up call. This time last year an old man and ex police officer shot a man in the movie theater my husband and I go to ALL THE TIME. It’s terrifying when you realize that anything could happen to anyone at any time. But as sad as it is for those people and their families I totally agree that it should be a reminder to us all to love those we have in our lives just a little harder 🙂

    • sjbreunig says:

      My heart breaks every time I hear these stories. While I wish these events never would happen, I know the world is not perfect. This weekend I’m definitely going to hug my family a little tighter.

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