Five Ways to Make Your Space Feel Like Home


When you are in a temporary apartment it’s easy to keep a college vibe and slap a few posters on the wall and call it décor. However, as a young adult I’ve realize the importance of constructing a creative space to unwind as well as host parties. Here are five items I believe are essential into make your space feel like a home.


1. Pillows: They add a pop of color and sense of style your space

2. Throw blanket: Comfort is key when entertaining, so I always keep throw blankets in reach.


3. Candles: Make your space feel cozy by lighting a candle.


4. Framed art: Whether you are decorating with posters, art or photographs spend a few extra dollars and get them framed. This instantly makes your home looked polished.


5. Plants: A bit of greenery goes a long way! If you don’t have a green thumb pick up a fake plant. No one will know the difference!

Have any tips of your own? Share them bellow!


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