Friday Favorites


After six months of Ian’s travel-free work schedule I grew accustomed to having him home all the time. This week I was reminded I was living the good life! Monday afternoon I had to take a long lunch break at work to drive him to the airport. I was able to stay calm and collected as I hugged him goodbye – which is a huge accomplishment! My goodbyes usually are along the lines of an ugly Kim K. cry.

As most of Ian’s work trips go, the return date was pushed around. At first he was to come home on Wednesday then as the days passed his flight was rescheduled for Friday. This is one aspect of his job that I can’t handle. Never knowing when he will be home or what plans we will have to cancel leave me on edge. I am an organized list maker that likes to plan ahead – so this new lifestyle has pushed me out of my comfort zone. While the past year and a half have taught me a lot about myself, I still dream of the day when Ian has a travel-free position. Or at least a job where I could tag along!

Here are a few things that made me smile this week. I hope you all have a great weekend and a happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{Sometimes I wish I could live inside an Anthropologie store}

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{Restocking my Lush collection}

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{Debating adding this to my cookbook collection}


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