Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms

Over the weekend Ian and I drove to Madison for a bridal shower. While a short visit, it was packed with quality family time. We laughed until we cried, jumped around in the mud, and devoured caramel apples. In a nutshell, it was a small recreation of my childhood. I held onto those memories as we trudged through the work week (we are working on Black Friday ads in the office – so it’s a bit crazy!) As we head into the weekend I am looking forward to taking a bubble bath, snuggling up with a good book and savoring the last bit of summer.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Snapping selfies with my sister}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{A perfect summer day on the farm}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Hosing down my feet after playing in the mud}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms


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