Honeymoon: Big Sur

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

After our time at Big Basin State Park we drove down to Montery to spend the night. We walked around Cannery Rode and had dinner down by the water. When we woke the following day we filled the car up with gas and headed started our journey down the Big Sur.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

This stretch of Hwy 1 was the most terrifying and gratifying part of the trip. I am scared of heights and bridges…so you can probably detect a bit of fear in my face in the above photo!

The road hugged the natural curve of the coastline, winding us up and down the mountains. I can’t even recall how many times my ear popped! It was all worth it when you looked out the car window to see the majestic coastline.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

The best piece of advice I received before heading off on our road trip was to fill your car up with gas before you headed into the Big Sur. There are only a hand full of gas stations along the 90 mile stretch and they are notorious for inflated gas prices.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

Toward the end of the Big Sur drive we took a tiny forest road down to Pfeiffer State Beach. The path down to the beach almost gave me a heart attack! It was a winding one car road with traffic driving in both directions! You had to honk your horn every time you went around a corner to make sure you wouldn’t run into a beach goer heading in the opposite direction.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

The beach is known for it’s purple sand and rock formations. It was too cold to swim, so Ian and I sat on the beach to watch the waves crash through the rocks. It was nice to relax before we had to take the deathly drive back up to the main road.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

Before we headed to San Simeon for the night, we stopped off at the McWay Falls. Once I read about this waterfall  it was my top priority! The experience was too beautiful to fully capture on film, but here is my attempt to capture the 80 foot waterfall cascading into the ocean.

Honeymoon : Big Sur | Beauty and Blooms

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Honeymoon series – Hearst Castle!




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