Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms

Ian and I finally have got back in the swing of our normal routine. To be honest, it was a painful process! After our honeymoon I felt like a little kid who realized summer was over and they had to go back to school. The work day seemed to drag on forever and I missed spending the entire day with Ian. By the end of the week it got easier to wake up to the alarm and work a nine hour day – but I can not deny I was looking forward to the weekend! Ian and I are headed back to Madison for the first time since our wedding and I can’t wait to see my family and wish both my sister and brother a happy birthday! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Our panda chop stick from San Francisco’s Chinatown}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Hints of fall around town}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{A cheerful ottoman at a local cafe}



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