DIY Rustic Recipe Box

DIY Recipe Box - Great idea for a #wedding gift!

At the end of May one of my dear high school friends got married. We were both farm girls that grew up a few short miles from each other, belonged to the same parish, and spent many summer nights running around playing flashlight tag. In hindsight, I should have brought a pack of tissues with me since it wasn’t a shock that I was in tears the second she walked down the aisle.

DIY Recipe Box - Great idea for a #wedding gift!

Ian and I chose a few items off her registry, but I wanted to add a personal touch to her wedding gift. My mom surprised me with one of these custom recipe boxes for my wedding and she graciously agreed to break out the craft supplies and make another one for my friend. Paired with a set of recipe cards, this DIY is a sweet addition to a wedding gift.

DIY Recipe Box - Great idea for a #wedding gift!

Rustic Recipe Box:


How To:

  • In a ventilated area use the foam paint brush to evenly distribute the wood stain over the recipe box
  • Wipe off excess stain with paper towel
  • Let dry and add a second coat if needed
  • Using a white paint marker, freehand floral decoration on the top of the box and add the couple’s initials and wedding date