Month in Review: May 2016

Month in Review: May 2016

It’s been a few months since I ended my “Friday Favorites” series, and to be honest, I’ve started to miss the little snapshots of our life I used to shared on the blog. So after much thought, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Month in Review.” This way I won’t be cluttering your blog feed with weekly behind-the-scenes posts, but once a month you can catch up with what Ian and I have been up to. I hope you enjoy!

Month in Review: May 2016

May started off with an exciting weekend trip to New Orleans. We spent our time listening to jazz, wandering around the Garden District, and savoring delicious Southern food.

Month in Review: May 2016

Month in Reveiw: May 2016

My sister also graduated from the UW-Madison School of Educated this month! She is going to be an amazing teacher and the whole family gathered together on campus to celebrate this milestone in her life. It was definitely a chilly day though (it even hailed during the ceremony!) so we were all a bit blue by the end of the day!

Month in Review: May 2016

Ian and I decided to take advantage of our weekend in Madison so we booked tickets to see The Lion King at the Overture Center. This was our second time seeing the show and we both agreed that it was just as magical as the first time!

Month in Review: May 2016

The following weekend Ian and I were back in the Madison area to celebrate my high school friend’s wedding. I can’t express how lovely it was to catch up with so many childhood friends and dance the night away.

Month in Review: May 2016

I’ve secretly (well, maybe not so secretly) always wanted to be a ballerina, so I tend to drag Ian to a few ballets every year. Luckily, Ian doesn’t put up too much of a fuss and he even surprised me with tickets to see Alice. We had to battle UWM graduation traffic to get to the performing arts center, but it was all worth it to see such a beautiful ballet. The choreography and sets were outstanding!

Month in Review: May 2016

For the past week the weather channel had been reporting a rainy Memorial Day weekend. I had been planning on soaking up the sun over the long weekend, so to say I was bummed with the idea of being cooped up inside would be an understatement. Luckily, the weather patterned shifted and we were blessed with a few afternoons of sunshine. Ian and I took full advantage of the nice weather and enjoyed a picnic by the lake, strolled along the city deck, and attended the local firework show.

I hope you all had a wonderful month! If you liked this post, please give it a “like.” Then I will continue to share little snippets of our day-to-day life each month!


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