Homemade Jam Printable


One of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit. From roadside fruit stands to pick-you-own berry patches, our fridge is constantly full of fresh produce.

Now, I must admit sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So to save the produce from going bad I make a batch of jam. My favorite is my mother’s blackcap jam, but this time around I had an excess of strawberries so I made this recipe.


To add a bit of homemade elegance, I designed these printable jam labels. Enjoy!


IPA Beer Mustard + Printable


When we go out for dinner my drink of choice is a craft cocktail. Therefore, when Ian started to brew his own beer I had to get creative. He likes to share his homebrew with friends and coworkers, but when an extra bottle is lying around I turn towards Pinterest for recipes.


My latest creation was this IPA beer mustard. Paired with a warm homemade pretzel and you have a winning combination.


Want to give your homemade mustard as a gift? Download this printable to trim and glue onto your jar!

Printable Packing List


Ian and I will be traveling to the UK this month and I have a feeling we will leave something behind. To keep my mind at ease, I have been jotting down what I should pack as I go about my daily routine.

While I get ready for the day I jot down everything I’ve used. Phone charger? Put it on the list! Contact solution? Jot it down! This way as I pack I can cross things off my list a hopefully (fingers crossed) I will have everything I need for our trip.

How do you prepare for a trip? Like having a packing list? Download this free printable.