Eggnog Waffles

Eggnog Waffles

This may surprise many of you, but up until this week I had never tried eggnog! I had been hesitant to try this holiday drink since it contains raw eggs, but I took a little sip while I was whipping up a batch of these eggnog waffles. And guess what?! It wasn’t half bad! I don’t think I will be adding it as a Christmas Eve tradition, but I understand why people enjoy sipping on a warm cup of eggnog this time of year.

Eggnog Waffles

While you won’t find me giving a holiday toast with a cup of eggnog in hand, these waffles may make a yearly appearance. They are packed with the flavors of the season and are perfect for a holiday brunch. Also, with Christmas right around the corner, a surprise breakfast in bed is a sweet reminder of how caring you are…and may get you a little closer to that “dream” item on your wish list!

Eggnog Waffles


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