Friday Favorites


Don’t get me wrong, I love going on vacation, but there is always a transition period to your old routine once you get home. Piles of laundry must be washed, jet lag concurred, and to-do lists tackled. Finally, I think Ian and I have moved past this stage and we are taking advantage of our free time again! This week we attended a outdoor art market, tested our knowledge on a trivia team, and broke open a new cookbook for meal inspiration. Yes, we are a wild pair over here in the Tonner household!

This holiday weekend we are looking forward to sleeping in, lounging outside reading books, and hopefully sneaking in a pool day! What are your holiday plans?!

Note: Due to the holiday there will not be a post on Monday. Regular posts will continue on Wednesday! Have a great weekend!


{Gemstones at the local art festival}


{Bright pencils for making to-do lists}


{Fresh blooms to liven up our dining table}


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