Afternoon at the Antique Store


On days were it is too cold to be outside, but I feel cooped up in the apartment I like to take drive on the country roads. It’s a nice way to get out of the house when you have nowhere to go.


These drives are a small adventure of sorts. We pick a direction and make it up as we go. Sometimes we just take in the countryside and look at the farms nestled into the landscape and other times we stubble upon hidden surprises.


On our latest outing we came across this little antique store. It was a Sunday afternoon, so we were surprised that it was still open! Taking this as a sign, we pulled in the parking lot and had a look around inside.

Afternoon-at-the-Antique-Store-Beauty-and-Blooms{How hilarious is this book?}

I love wandering around antique stores looking at old china, dresses and books thinking about the stories they hold. While I will never know the truth I enjoy fantasizing about the owners of each item.


Before we headed home Ian purchased two old beer cans. Now I have the joy of figuring out a way to display his new collection in our tiny apartment. I’m hoping Pinterest can help me out on this one!



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