Homemade Marshmallows


When I was young winter was magical. As soon as a big snow storm came through town we would sit in front of the tv with our fingers crossed that our school would be appear on the snow day list. In the event school was called off, the neighbor kids would come over to build forts in our front yard.

After a few hours outside we would waddle into the house rosy cheeked and numb from the cold, ready to warm up with a cup of my mom’s famous hot chocolate. I alway took mine piled high with mini marshmallows.

While I no longer spend an afternoon out building forts in the snow, I still enjoy cozying up on the couch after a long day with a cup of hot chocolate. This year I decided to skip the mini marshmallows and try making this marshmallow recipe  at home. Once they set I used a star cookie cutter to make these cut out marshmallows.



What are your favorite winter memories?


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