Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Grabbing dinner on State Street with my sister}

One of the downsides of Ian’s job is travel. At the drop of a hat he can be rushing off to the airport, leaving me behind for an unknown period of time. I am someone who likes order and routines, so this new lifestyle has been a hard adjustment. After spending last week in Texas I was foolish enough to think that I would have him home this week, but as life would have it, he was called away on another assignment. This has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have been forced to exert my independence and enjoy my  alone time. While I don’t mind grabbing drinks with the girls after work or hitting the gym solo, I can’t deny that I miss having my best friend around.

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Gorgeous paper flowers at the bridal shop}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{Overly excited to have stumbled upon a candy store}

Friday Favorites | Beauty and Blooms{The sun finally came out of hiding}


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