Navigating a Wedding Registry


After Ian and I got married, I realized guests detest registries. No one wants to be the boring guest who buys the new couple a pot. Therefore, they go “rouge” and pick out what they think the couple wants/needs.

While Ian and I appreciated all the gifts our guests showered us with, I thought it was interesting that people thought it was dull to buy off the registry. In reality, the couple is guaranteed to love the gift since they picked it out!

Therefore, I thought I would put together a registry guide to navigate guests through buying off the registry while putting a personal spin on the gift. Tip: Buy one item off the registry and pair it with pair it with a few smaller items to add a unique spin on a traditional gift.

Cooking Pot-01

Registered Item: Pot  //  Add: Pasta sauce + Noodles + Wine

Bed Sheets-01

Registered Item: Bed Sheets  //  Add: Candle + Chocolate


Registered Item: Kitchen Spoons  //  Add: Cookbook + Spoon Holder

Bath Towels-01

Registered Item: Bath Towels  //  Add: Bubble Bath + Loofa