Review: Ipsy Beauty Subscription

Ipsy Beauty Subscription Review | Beauty & Blooms

When a man picks out a wedding gift for his wife jewelry is at the top of the list, but not for Ian. Oh no! That was too cliché! Instead, he took a beauty quiz for me (yes, you read that right!) and signed me up for a year subscription to Ipsy. While it was quite unconventional, it was nice to know he listens when I get all giddy about beauty products.

After receiving Ipsy for a few months now, I think it is a great option for anyone looking to ease into beauty subscription boxes. It only costs $10 a month and you receive a handful of full and sample size products inside a make-up bag. These products are chosen based off a beauty quiz you complete before subscribing so they are tailored to your skin type, coloring, and style.

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