Long Distance Friendships

Long Distance Friendships | Beauty and Blooms

As you get older your friendships change. In the case of my college friends – we no longer live in the same city and have started “real” jobs. Our schedules have shifted from allowing spontaneity to following ridged work hours. The nights of walking to each other’s apartments to watch romantic comedies with a bottle of wine are a distant memory, but the friendships are still strong. Here a few tips to keeping long-distance friendships:

  1. Keep up conversation: Whether you are just reaching out to say hello or sharing a life event make sure to reach out to them! It’s easy to let the conversation die, but with a few simple gestures (greeting card, text, phone call) you are able to keep in touch and reinforce the friendship.
  2. Plan a girl’s weekend: Pick a date in advance so you can plan around the weekend. With busy schedules it is impossible to make a weekend happen unless to plan for it!
  3. Don’t forget the small stuff: When you don’t see each other everyday, you tend to leave out the little things that happen in your life. Don’t forget to reach out to your friend when something makes you laugh or think of them. It will make you feel close even when you are miles apart.

Have a long distance friendship of your own? Leave your tips for keeping the friendship alive below!