Protein Balls

Protein-BallsGuys, this is my fourth batch of these chocolate chip protein balls! They help curb my sugar cravings and keep me away from our snack drawer. So I would say that is a win!


I love that they are portable and can easily be thrown in your purse. They may save you from letting your hunger talk you into buying a Cinnabon or a grande s’more frappacino. Thanks for that temptation, Starbucks…

Baked Berry Donuts


I have been on a health-kick lately, but a girl still has to enjoy her sweets! So I decided to compromise. I would be strong and pass the donuts at the market (they smelled SO good!) and go home to make these “lighter” baked donuts.


This was my first time baking donuts at home and I was surprised how well they turned out! I topped them with fresh berries, which basically makes them breakfast. Right?! Oh, a girl can dream.