The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

I remember spending my childhood summers curled up in our hammock and plowing through library books. I would take breaks to jump in the pool or help feed calves, but I always returned to my book, anxiously awaiting plot twists.

I continued to read for “fun” until I enrolled in college. Long lists of required reading occupied my time and when I found a free moment the last thing on my mind was to walk to the library to find a new novel. Sadly, the joy of reading slowly faded out of my life.

Now that I’m out of college and the stress of highlighting important facts and taking notes is no longer required, I found myself back in the public library looking to get lost in a book – just for fun. I still love diving into an industry book, broadening my exposure on topics I enjoy such as branding, fonts, and social media strategies – but I’ve been appreciating reading books for pure enjoyment.

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries:

Have any book recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

*Tip: If you love reading you have to check out Good Reads! It’s a great place to leave book reviews and peak at what your friends are reading. My favorite feature is the “to-read” bookshelf! Anytime I’m out and about and I come across a book I want to read, I add it to my “to-read” list and I don’t have to worry about forgetting the title.


Friday Favorites


I finished Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please, this week for Estée’s book club (join #buttonsbookshelf here.) I am guilty of watching Parks and Rec seasons on repeat (I can’t believe it is almost over!) so I knew I would love the book. Amy filled the pages with stories of her youth all the way to the present. She also snuck in a bit of life advice. My favorite take-away from the book is this quote, “Good for you, not for me.” Amy sheds light on all of the girl on girl hate out there (internet trolls, we are looking at you!) and wishes people would just respect each other. If someone is doing something you don’t like, that’s okay! It’s just not okay to tear them down because of it – aka “Good for you, not for me.” I thought this was a great quote from the book and hope people will start to spread love instead of hate around the internet.

Have a great weekend!

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{Shopping at the homebrew store for Ian’s next batch!}

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{This rocky road cupcake as as delicious as it looks!}

Friday-Favorites-Beauty-and-Blooms{Caught the sunset as I left the office}